Our Story

Ammanii is about much more than unique handmade jewelry. It is a metaphor for each woman's power to make a difference on a global scale. Drawing from her professional and personal experience in peace-building and conflict resolution for women, CEO and co-founder Amany Shaker has launched the Ammanii brand with the goal of each purchase helping women understand cultures that are not their own. Our World jewelry has a unique purpose: To create a shared community that transcends all cultural barriers, and emphasizes our shared humanity as women.

Through a broader understanding of each one another as women, wearers of Ammanii's Middle Eastern Jewelry will be better able to inspire and influence their community – both locally and worldwide. And with a greater impact, unique friendships will be forged, dreams will be materialized, and women – hand in hand – will be able to make a difference.

The Project

Ammanii is collaborating with Tawasol, an NGO that was established in 2008 in Istabar Antar, one of the poorest and most forgotten areas in Cairo, Egypt. Tawasol focuses on providing a second chance at education to children who dropped out of the mainstream public school system. The NGO bought and renovated a very small building in the area and turned it into a community school. It started with 20 students, and today they work with around 140 boys and girls between the ages of 8-15. The school provides a state approved curriculum, vocational training, two meals a day, uniforms and other clothes, trips, soft skill training, extra-curricular activities, and hygiene awareness. The school also has computer classes, art classes, choir, library and theatre. Moreover, the students get a weekly allowance, which contributes to the scarce resources available to sustain their families’ basic needs.

The school promotes community participation through providing basic life skills training and craft classes to the women of Istabel Antar. These classes provide them with the necessary tools to learn how to produce marketable products that will contribute to the income of their families. Ammanii encourages the honorable work of these women by investing in their products. These items will be gifted to Ammanii’s clients as a message of empowerment and hope of contributing to a better tomorrow.