Ammanii Rectangular Shape Earrings with Pearls and Moving Tassels


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Named after goddess Wadjet, which is known as "The Snake Goddess" where snake symbolizes transformation. The earrings rectangular drop design depicts the deity guarding the gateway to new beginnings with the tassels symbolizing freedom. Handcrafted, vermeil gold, that is sterling silver base with 18k gold plating, high-grade zircon, and freshwater pearls. 

Lift back post for support and perfect fit. 11 cm in length


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  • Wadjet symbolizes transformation..true... its about experiencing immortals in mortal body.. for females its young age child birthing experience for males old age born again/kundalini re birthing experience where a person cant die or live... how to continue with such experience in such wilderness of 2020?

    Thank you for a great question! I think in the current times we're passing through I find it imperative to search deeper to find my grounding, despite the "wilderness" of the circumstances at hand. The immortal is within us, how to raise one's awarness to connect with it is part of our individual journey.. I hope you are well and safe :)